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The battery is a large investment for your electric forklift. Choosing the right battery for your forklift will help get a longer life from your battery and keep your forklift working during every shift.


A forklift battery actually has two functions. The first, and obvious one is to provide a power source to the forklift. The second is to provide mass as a counterweight, which aids the forklift’s lifting capacity. Installing an undersized battery can cause stability issues with the forklift. Consult the forklift’s data tag for the counterweight requirement. Next, measure the maximum space available in the battery compartment.


Learning the voltage level the forklift is designed to handle is also important to productivity. Battery capacity is rated in amp hours. The higher the amp hour, the more power the battery will deliver. To maximize the production and run time of your forklift, purchase the highest rated amp hour capacity battery that will fit into the battery compartment.


After identifying a battery, consult with your battery supplier to determine the number of batteries you’ll need to purchase for your forklift. If you run a multi-shift operation, it may be necessary to have 2-3 batteries dedicated to keeping the forklift running.


Finally, once you’ve determined the right battery, don’t forget to determine the proper charger. The battery charger must be designed for your forklift’s battery voltage and amp hour rating.

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