The backbone of your operation

Choosing the right replacement battery for your material handling equipment can make or break your bottom line.

FLEX® LI3 LITHIUM-ION — The future of motive power

This state of the art Lithium-ion battery powers your material handling vehicles with the highest safety, design, and manufacturing standards. It’s offered in multiple sizes and configurations, and integrated with innovative battery technology to deliver flexible power that increases productivity and profitability across lift truck operations.

FLEX™ – Industry’s broadest, most comprehensive line of battery solutions

Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery is ideal for multi-shift operations. It is essentially maintenance-free, offers opportunity charging with no battery changes, environmentally friendly and works well in cold storage.

FlexPAK™ – High-frequency, on-board charger

This combination system of Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology and on-board charger offers outstanding flexibility, ease of use and Plug-and-Play power. And FlexPAK offers the advantage of opportunity charging whenever the truck is not in use.


Reduce maintenance and watering expenses by more than 90% — lowering your total cost of ownership. All without sacrificing run time or cycle life. Water Less battery requires watering just four to six time per year* in many applications.

ENERGY-PLUS™ – Dependable Power

Heavy duty battery stands up and delivers in the most demanding applications. Up to 20% more energy, lower operating costs, longer battery life and longer work cycles.

POWERLINE™ – A battery that goes the distance

Designed for rugged, full-shift power, this battery offers the thickest positive grid in the industry, densest positive paste, microporous sleeved separators and PowerPlus formation system. This power combination provides superior performance and long-life cycle.