Enhance your operation with non-stop power.

Hawker high-frequency chargers offer modular plug-and-play flexibility and simplified service to eliminate possible downtime.

LIFEPLUS® MOD3 Battery Chargers

These chargers are smart and energy-efficient. The patented technology offers six different charge profile options for operational flexibility, all while providing peak efficiency and non-stop power while reducing battery charging costs, water consumption, and battery maintenance and repair costs.

LIFESPEED® MOD3 – High-frequency switch-mode smart charger

These chargers represent the latest innovation of high-frequency switch-mode smart chargers. Modules are the most flexible, operating as a fast, IONIC, or opportunity charger.


Modular, high frequency smart chargers are flexible and adaptable in operation. In addition to an uninterrupted charge, the modules automatically adjust based on the battery’s charge cycle requirements and adapt to a variety of battery capacities.


The modular design provides flexible, scalable, and redundant power. Choose between 2 factory set charging options: 1) Conventional, I-U-I, opportunity and cold storage profiles and 2) TPPL 2V and TPPL Bloc profiles.