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Most lead-acid forklift batteries provide around 1,500 – 2,000 charge cycles, which typically means about 5 years of service life. Unfortunately, many batteries do not reach this lifespan due to lack of proper maintenance.


If you establish regular maintenance intervals for all industrial batteries in your warehouse, you can realize the full value of your investment. Proper battery care and watering can help extend the life of your industrial battery.


Forklift battery maintenance is a relatively easy task and can be broken down into several easy tasks.

  1. Keep the battery clean, dry and free from corrosion
  2. Check water weekly for correct water level (about ½” below the battery cap opening)
  3. Add clean, non-ionized water when needed (only after the charge cycle, not before)
  4. Inspect your battery a part of your forklift checklist. Look for defects or malfunctions
  5. Wash and service semi-annually to control acid and corrosion


That’s it. The challenge is making sure it gets done. Set up a weekly schedule designating a specific person to be in charge of checking for proper water levels and a quick clean of the top to take care of any build up. If your forklift battery is down, chances are so is your forklift.

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