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The COVID-19 global crisis has affected almost all aspects of life. One area that it has cast a spotlight on is the ability for industries—such as food, consumer goods, and medical supplies—to quickly, efficiently, and effectively, keep products moving from distributors and warehouses out for purchase or use. This drastic increase can often mean additional shifts and use of critical equipment like forklifts, walkies, and pallet jacks. If you are running an electric fleet, this also means extra shifts for your industrial batteries and battery chargers.

Forklift batteries are durable and can last for a long time, but they do require charging and watering, have a cool-off period after charging, and require periodic servicing— this could mean downtime for one of your most valuable material handling assets. If your business is in the midst of a high demand period, such as many businesses are facing during the current global health crisis, any downtime for your lift trucks could mean a missed delivery, a delay in distribution, and thousands in profit lost. Whether it is during these high-demand times or a regular service cycle, forklift battery rental may be the right choice to help your logistical operations scale up without missing a beat.

Read on to learn more about renting forklift batteries.

When to Rent a Forklift Battery

While the current global crisis has driven up the demand to keep many consumer goods and medical supplies moving, the need for rental forklift batteries can arise suddenly and without warning. There are also other situations—such as regular maintenance cycles where renting extra industrial batteries do not mean downtime or lost productivity for the warehouse manager.

Sudden Increases in Sales or Demand

One situation that causes warehouses to look to augment their existing setup with rental forklift batteries is a sudden increase in orders or demand. Many businesses find themselves in this situation during the current COVID-19 outbreak. However, other situations can cause a sudden increase in sales. For example, if a previously local or regional business rolls out a nationwide advertising campaign, they may experience a sharp increase in demand for their products. Businesses may have a sudden increase in orders or shipments if they have just won a large contract. While more predictable, seasonal demand—such as in fresh floral—can cause spikes throughout the year, necessitating increased shifts and less downtime for charging cycles. Many situations could cause a dramatic rise in orders. In such a situation, renting a forklift battery until a more permanent solution can be reached—such as purchasing additional industrial batteries—is often beneficial for the firm as it keeps lift trucks and walkie pallet jacks running during the demand.

Waiting for a New Forklift Battery to Arrive

Whether due to the need to replace an old battery or to add a new one to support additional shifts, warehouse managers do not have the luxury of an idle machine while waiting for a new forklift battery or battery charger to arrive. Renting a forklift battery or forklift battery charger to bridge this time gap is an excellent solution for most businesses to keep shifts operating at peak performance with little to no downtime.

Waiting for Lift Truck Battery Service or Repair

While forklift batteries are durable and provide many years of reliable service, although rare, unexpected repairs do happen and require an expert. These repairs, while necessary, mean downtime for a lift truck and operator while the battery is serviced. Depending on your business, this downtime could cost $20,000 per day or more—Amazon estimates they lose more than $180,000 per hour for any downtime. Whether planned or unexpected, downtime for your warehouse is not ideal. During these periods of servicing for current forklift batteries, industrial battery rental can often mean the difference between keeping your forklifts running or not.

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